B-Blue Pools assures you that only the highest quality chemicals are administered to your swimming pool by our highly qualified staff. A service professional will come out to your house on the same day each week at about the same time of day. We will test your pool water and add all the necessary chemicals to properly balance your pool. NO CHEMICALS ARE STORED ON YOUR PREMISES!

Full Service Pool Care - Starting at just $70 per month
• Test the chemical balance of your pool
• Check the water level and begin adding or draining water if necessary
• Turn on and inspect equipment for optimum performance
• Clean salt system cell (if applicable, and on an as-needed schedule)
• Back wash and recharge the D.E. filter with diatomaceous earth;
• Back wash sand filter; or clean cartridge filter as needed.
• Skim pool surface
• Brush pool walls and tile
• Vacuum when necessary or examine and adjust auto cleaning
• system if applicable
• Empty skimmer and pump baskets
• Disperse chemicals

Chemical / Brush Service - $49 and up
This service includes checking and balancing our basic chemicals, empty baskets and brush down the sides of the pool.

Chemical Only Service - Starting at just $40 per month
This service includes checking and balancing your basic chemicals, emptying the skimmer and pump basket, and cleaning the filter once a month.

Pool Deck Pressure Washing
Your pool is sure to be the hub of summer activity. Pool parties, barbeques, summer holiday picnics, birthday bashes and more all happen poolside. That said, your pool’s apron could take a real beating. With the hustle and bustle of activity, there is heavy foot traffic, dirt and debris being scattered and spread, as well as sticky spills from those umbrella drinks taking a tumble.

Pool decks accumulate mold, mildew, water stains and sediment. They lack the original color and luster and can be slippery making them hazardous. Regular pressure washing of the walking and sitting areas as well as the passageways is what we do. We can make your pool deck area beautiful and safer. Pool deck areas are wet often. As a result, they can easily grow mold and mildew making the surface slippery and unsafe. We pressure wash all that and more off of the surface.

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